Our Stair Parts Heritage and Legacy continues...

Our Stair Parts Heritage and Legacy continues from a world when true craftsman wore bib overalls and the owner went in back to get the job done!  Those were the days when the manufacturing plant floors were made from wood planking. 

Our deep-rooted heritage extends far into when photos were taken to capture today the heart and soul of the American worker.   

StepUP...Our Heritage and Legacy

This image was taken many generations ago. To some it may seem like a fond memory; to most it's only a snapshot.  Either way, it IS the heritage that shapes this company and its dedication to build excellence.  Its the vision towards a richer and fruitful tomorrows for the people to build together; not just stairways, but relationships. 

It will be those that StepUP Stair will help shape into a new generation of men and women dedicated to maintain the integral world of industrious craftsman and entreneuners to build the beauty of the American dream; our homes!  May the heart and soul from our sepia-look of yesteryear become radiant; of full-color, into the finished products and staircases that will be found in your home for generations to come!

Thank you for partnering together to take this vision into reality... the team@stepupstair.com