StepUP Stair has many of the stair accessories to make your staircase project stand out and provide that needed fit and finish that you can't do without. Some of these include:

  • Stair Mouldings are an essential to most staircase construction and design.  Many provide the finished look needed to craft that beautiful stairway masterpiece.
  • Stringer Brackets is a beautiful accessory to accentuate under your tread to apply to the skirtboard. Beautifully carved wood, sculpted, or panel brackets are placed under each stair treads on the open return end stringer system. Stringer brackets provide an impactful look for any style and type of staircase. These are manufactured mostly in either Red Oak or Poplar wood species but can be custom-made for various designs and/or wood species.

Stairway Accent Accessories

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