Twist & Basket Metal Wrought Iron Baluster Spindles
Our Twist and Basket Series Iron balusters are 1/2″ square tube with a doweled top for easy installation. This Series of balusters offers a great variety of design possibilities; also are less expensive, lighter weight and easier to cut than the solid bar alternatives. All of our wrought iron balusters are increasingly strong. The basket and/or twist iron balusters offers a wide range of design possibilities. The Scroll Series is frequently combined and mixed together with either a basket and/or twist metal balusters.

Come look at some of our 1/2" Metal Iron Collection or  9/16", 5/8" and 3/4" Metal Iron Collection that may suit your style and/or budget.

Twist & Basket Metal Wrought Iron Baluster Spindles

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9000 Plain Iron Baluster Spindle | Metal Railing

Iron Balusters

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