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  •  5% OFF all orders over $ 495.00: CODE StepUP5
  •  7% OFF all orders over $ 995.00: CODE StepUP7 (can use FREESHIP offer instead)
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  • Contact us for your one-time 3% OFF Code after you share and post (Public) StepUP Stair Parts Facebook page or by following StepUP_Stair Instagram page. 
  • Contact us for your one-time 5% OFF Code after you share and post (Public) StepUP Stair Parts Facebook page and by following StepUP_Stair Instagram page.

 Reviews & Completed Photos Post:

  • As always, we greatly appreciate your one-of-a-kind stair and railing designs.  They are yours and yet we encourage you to share them for others to see.  If you kindly consider sharing your completed stair and railing photos and if you also have before and/or transition photos are always helpful to for others to be inspired and dream.  Please post and share publicly on our Facebook page AND/OR Instagram account.  Including a nice recommendation clearly helps provide others with the great customer service and quality products we hope you've received.  As a Thank You, we will provide you an additional discount code to be used exclusively for you or your friends/family or a special gift as our way of saying thanks.  Please make sure you let us know by contacting us after you have posted and/or given us a recommendation.