Contractor Trade Discounts Program | StepUP Together

Contractor Trade Discount Program- StepUP Together

If you are a contractors; including installers, designers and others can receive exclusive and ongoing discount off from our retail pricing.  Here are the details:

Q: Do I qualify?

A: Business such as contractors, stair and railing installers, interior designers, architects, general contractors, and other qualified business.

Q: How do I qualify? 

A: Qualify by contacting us; explain your type of business.  When you contact us, please be prepared to send us with document for your business to start saving with our exclusive trade discount program. Preferred documents would be from a governmental agency; others will suffice. If you require tax exempt status for your account; additional requirements and documents will be necessary.  Certain documents may need to be verified prior.

Q: Does the Trade Discount Program really make a difference for my business?

A: Certainly does!  As you continue to place orders; not only will you receive our initial tiered trade pricing, but you will accumulate tiered incentives; like frequent flyer miles. Continue to partner with us and StepUP to the next level.  It's what we like to call Let's StepUP Together Program.

Q: Are there other incentives for being a part of this program?

A: Yes, here is what you; as a member of our Let's StepUP Together program, will do for you:

  • An ability to forge a relationship so we can help grow your business through our Contractor Referral Program.  Our network of qualified partners provides opportunities to grow together; everyone WINS!
  • Direct connection with a StepUP team member.  Get your questions answered quickly and efficiently.  We aim to build quality products, but also quality relationships!
  • First-hand knowledge of exclusive specials and pricing.
  • Quicker turnaround for order placement; including direct shipping access to your customers; when needed.
  • Ability for you to respond and comment on way to make your Let's StepUP Together experience built strong; excellence for a lifetime!