The Story Behind StepUP Stair Parts: Part I

The Story Behind StepUP Stair Parts: Part I

Who is StepUP Stair Parts?

Just like a knot in a piece of wood; at StepUP Stair Parts, we cut ourselves out of the real nice, smoothed-out-edge, pretty show that our world says we should "look".  We have become, throughout our lives, less about looking good; rather, make others look great! 

What does that mean for you?  It means we value YOU more than we value up-selling you.  We are ordinary people with an Extraordinary passion for others!  By providing excellence; crafting top-notch stair parts and providing dynamite service, we create passion to make others look great!

Our business is to understand you and how best to serve you through this business.  As we've learned with over 30 years in business, relationships outlive any stair parts' sale.  Yet our quality built USA-Made stair parts have lasted for generations!  Our hope is that you will want to build relationship with us to shape the way for the future, giving beauty to homes of the people we serve in the process.

Quality Built, Amish Hand Crafted, USA Made Genuine Stair Parts

stair parts made in the USA

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