Why buy USA Made Wood Stair and Railing Products

The Benefits of Buying USA-Made Wood Products from StepUP Stair Parts

Hello Friends,

StepUP Stair Parts is proud to provide top quality products to all across the United States. Our craftsmen are some of the best in the business; their expertise gives us the ability to create the industry’s finest stair components; along with the potential of other millwork.

ALL StepUP Stair Wood Products Proudly Made in the USA.

Here are the top 7 Benefits of buying USA-Made wood components from StepUP!

1. Quality of Products – All StepUP Stair Box Newels are handcrafted utilizing solid boards; no cheap veneers, with lock miter joints and true stile and rail construction. You get a crisp, clean joinery with all face grain profiles and all wood products undergo extensive sanding to minimize preparation required before you finish.

2. Flexibility to Create Your Custom Stair Piece! – StepUP Stair continues to inspire customers to create custom designs; if you can dream it, we can make it.

3. Variety – StepUP Stair has the largest selection of standard stair parts in the industry. By domestically manufacturing their parts, StepUP can modify most standard design and do it efficiently and cost effectively.

4. Standard and Exotic Wood Species – Located in the Midwest gives our manufacturing a leg up to the finest wood species grown in the United States. StepUP Stair expands its wood species offerings by obtaining exotic wood species grown abroad, while manufacturing the finished products in the Good Ole USA.

5. Matching Millwork – StepUP Stair can match other complementary millwork components such as table legs or island and fireplace columns with your stair components.

6. Any Quantity – StepUP Stair will gladly handle any size order. When you need something; we are here to StepUP for you.  Whether one or one-thousand products;  we are here for YOU!

7. Avoid Government Tariffs – In our ever-changing economy, tariffs and surcharges can leave product prices fluctuating and unknown. Buying American-made products provides not only price stability; but keeping our manufacturing jobs here.

Why does this matter to you?

When you work with StepUP Stair, we guarantee exceptional American quality, quick turn-around time on orders, custom products, and extraordinary customer service!  That's the StepUP difference!!